“The maddest musical mind in the country, a demented genius” Kerrang! Magazine (UK)

“Mind bending ludicrous melody writer” NME (UK)
“Owner of a different kind of mind which accesses music others can’t hear. A true genius. “Visions Magazine” (Germany)
“LostAlone must be the most underrated band in the history of music” Alternative press (US)

Listen to Steven’s LostAlone and Solo music here

As songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for critically acclaimed harmony architects / riffology providers LostAlone Steven wrote every note, beat and lyric over the course of three critically acclaimed records.

2016’s Exit Brain Left saw Steven establish himself as a solo artist with no genre boundaries, followed by a string of EP’s all in whatever particular style he felt like creating at that moment in time. Without time to rest Steven has just (2018) completed tracking his second solo record in New York City and is mixing at home in the UK.
His music has been playlisted on BBC Radio One, cited as influence on some huge records by other artists and been featured in many end of year best of lists.

Signed to Warner Brothers records by the late great Craig Aaronson Steven has enjoyed what he describes as “creative heaven” working on his records with acclaimed producers Jacknife Lee, Greg Wells, Mark Needham, Alan Moulder

Steven has toured the world as part of LostAlone from small clubs to enormous arenas as well as every UK, European festival under the sun! His debut solo show in London was an instant sell out. He continues to maintain a close relationship with the world wide fan base he has built up over the years on a mutual understanding of Steven’s creative vision and no holds barred approach to creativity.

Within LostAlone and as a solo artist Steven has been embraced by the team at Kerrang! magazine(the worlds biggest weekly rock magazine) featuring in some way or another in the magazine every week for over two years at one point. He was named 26th greatest rockstar living in the world today and achieved the second highest score, only beaten by OZZY on the ultimate Rockstar test.

Steven is known for using both vintage and custom instruments to create his sound. Total guitar featured his custom made Star Wars effects pedals

Steven has been described as an electric performer, noted for his out of this world guitar skills and showmanship
BATTELLE / RAMBO poster for the Kerrang Movie special
NME-Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance discusses the impact Steven’s music had on him
Heres the press release for Exit Brain Left.
There really isn’t anyone else quite like STEVEN BATTELLE. A man obsessed with music, in its creation, and its history, who has spent the last year travelling around the world writing, recording and being inspired by all that is around him. He is also a man who has taken his time to make sure his debut solo album was just perfect.
Well over a year in the making, ‘Exit Brain Left’ is the debut solo album from the ex-LostAlone front man, and it is set for release on December 2nd through his own label, Suffer For My Art. Produced by Dan Weller (Young Guns, Enter Shikari, Sikth), the album is self funded, self created and absolutely and totally independent. The record fuses together grand, ambitious song writing and production with a beautiful, direct and heart-felt approach to story telling. Inspired by the likes of Nile Rogers, Queen, Mew, Prince, Bowie, Abba, Christmas, 80’s high end pop like Toto, Bruce Hornby and Quincy Jones, ‘Exit Brain Left’ is less a homage to a certain time or sound, but a living, breathing extension of it, as seen (and thought up) by the eyes and ears of one man.
Songs like “Powers Of Denial’ (a mournful celebratory triumphant song of confusion and confidence in equal measure. I’m a time traveller visiting and picking up the best and worst in my previous self’s.”) and ‘The Jump’  (Featuring an orchestra inspired by The Snowman’s motorbike ride, a 48 strong school choir and a recording of a Catalan siesta this was the first song I wrote for the record and lyrically found myself making sense of my new aloneness while musically I was discovering new ways of interpreting the music in my head.”) are filled with more ideas and sonic architecture than some bands manage in a whole career.
Other songs draw inspiration from all manner of sources, like stories of US army World War 2 missions (‘Last Night On Earth’), the animated film ‘Song For The Sea’ (‘The Ocean Chorus’), an imaginary encounter with reindeers (‘A Christmas Cartel’), the passing of David Bowie (‘Absent Magic part II’), an 80’s dystopian future police force (‘Police And Thank You’) which also features a vocal appearance from Marv in the film Home Alone over the top of a guitar solo….i really could go on.
The album concludes with the huge song 
‘I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be’, which is a reaction to everything on the album that comes before it, all the searching and contemplation, and also a jump off point for the next record. ‘Exit Brain Left’ is an album to dive into and lose yourself in its wonder and magic.
‘Exit Brain Left’ full track listings:
1. Powers Of Denial
2. The Jump
3. Steven Battelle
4. A Christmas Cartel
5. Last Night On Earth
6. The Ocean Chorus
7. Police And Thank You
8. Nine Miles Of Light
9. Silent Movie Scream
10. Absent Magic (Part ll)
11. Violent Voices
12. I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be
 Written by Matt Hughes