I formed LostAlone with my childhood friend Mark Gibson in 2005 and later joined by Alan Williamson. I wrote every note, beat and lyric across our three records and lived and breathed the band.
We released three records and toured all over the place building an amazing loyal fanbase and playing in small venues all the way up to arenas. Our debut record was recorded almost as demos and then turned into an actual album as things started moving at pace. Our second record was a dream scenario, signing to Warner Brothers records in the USA and spending seven weeks recording in Los Angeles and working with Jacknife Lee, Greg Wells, Alan Moulder and Mark Needham and A&R’d by the late great Craig Aaronson. We made our third record with Dan Weller and amongst much business turmoil in the English countryside, mixed by Adam Noble in London it tuned out to be the perfect culmination of everything I’d been aiming for for the band

Here’s the LostAlone website