The middle of the end stage

Ok I’m in the middle of the end stages of putting my second solo record release together. That will make 5 records I’ve written and released if you include the three LostAlone albums and discount the “kind of” albums I wrote and released in my school and collage bands, actually maybe that does one of them a disservice – Clear Water Paranoia by my collage band Intentions Of An Asteroid has some audio merit -especially if you like seeing how my writing, playing and vocal style evolved. I may at some point release the recordings of my school band, songs are great but we are YOUNG! Also lets not forgot all the forgotten records that due to time didn’t get released – the infamous “Lost second LostAlone record” for which many of you who saw us on the Say No To The World tour will remember a bunch of songs that were intended for album two but then things happened, delays occurred and by the time we signed to Warner Brothers I wrote an entire new record which you know as I’m A UFO In This City. Only Vesuvius and Do You Get What You Pray For? remain from the intended album 2 and then by the time I got to Shapes Of Screams I’d written so many more songs the mountain of music was too vast to climb!

Anyway! I’ve all but locked in most of everything for my new record including what will be my first headline show since December 2016! I do hope you guys will come out in your usual amazing travelling incredibleness, if the show is packed out I’ll be able to play more shows! So news on show, album and new song coming within the month of April 🙂
Thanks for continuing to play and share my music on Spotify  Apple and all other good streaming platforms. You can of course get everything so far physically here

Okay time to get back on it all!
OH also I mentioned on Twitter, I’m considering playing a little “mid show acoustic pre solo songs” set during my solo show so this means a couple of my much beloved LA songs. I’ve a rule that I will never play those songs with a band unless its myself, Alan and Mark but it feels okay to play them acoustically and so maybe I will do just that!
See you soon


Writing at home and Belfast for the Throne!

Spending the early hours of every morning writing in depth descriptions of each song on my new record, I find myself thinking that they would actually be nice to include in the liner notes of the record. Its such a strange thing going back to lyrics and how every single time I find a whole new level of meaning and what it was I was actually writing about becomes in stark clarity. I’d love to study this, how can it be that I’m saying a multitude of layered things that at the time I didn’t realise I was talking specifically about? Love this.
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Last weekend I had a lovely trip to Belfast to see my friend, tour manger and FOH (FRONT OF HOUSE or SOUND MAN) and along with me came Alan, mark from LostAlone and our friend Mozza. We had a really great time visiting many of the Game Of Thrones locations that I’d visited while writing in June of 2018. I love Northern Ireland so much, it feels Lord Of The Ringsy in its landscape.

Rehearsal with the live band has been going great, all the new songs I want to play live have been played and so time to look at a few others from my first record. New music in a couple of weeks and I might just might announce a show and the album 🙂

Mini Eggs on the fretboard

My Nashville / NYC recovery took a little longer than usual this time and had me a ghost of myself wandering my house trying to write for over a week, its not really jet lag but a totally exhaustion from three weeks of not really sleeping.
Im back on it and today I find myself writing from a hotel down in the super deep south of England in Christchurch where I’ve spent the past few days. Had a brilliant pop writing session with new friend super talented friend Birty,  excited to see where this song ends up.

As is my life today I’m now heading back home to flip into my own music mode and rehearse with my live band, excited to tackle SHIPWRECKED with the guys.

Thanks for continuing to play and share my music.


Nashville pt. 2 – Status – Complete.

Had a brilliant time in Nashville (and a little bookending in NYC) with new and more recently new friends. it really is the home of songwriting and so feels like home to me! Excited for the songs and the future that they’ll open up.
Home now and full of jet lag, although its more like total exhaustion as I get maximum 3 hours sleep when Im in this heightened creative zone…. So! Time to put some focus on the next solo music and my first headline show in three years!
New music and show info soon, for now here’s a new Battelle FM, music I’m listening to right now

Battelle in Nashville – A melodic return

Hey everyone and greetings from downtown Nashville where if you could find me right now you’d find me furiously typing to you in a cafe with flat white and last nights demos racing through my ears.
New York was as always high paced and inspirational, excited to be back in a few weeks – Nashville is about to get seriously melodic.
Hope you’re all still enjoying the new music, so much more to come from this second record and already working on the third.
Cant wait to get back on stage!



NEW MUSIC – Stick To Your Dreams Not To Your Guns

Welcome to the release of the fourth song from my second record.
Stream Stick To Your Dreams Not To Your Guns here
The song appeared in my mind during one of my usual writing walks, a little more inspiration came from the Kon Tiki museum in  Oslo and I finally finished up lyrically in New York in the snow covered forest, another true world song which I seem to have become quite regular in creating.
I recorded the majority of the song on my travels and then really put it together in the Shokan sessions with Dan Weller on co producing skills and Brook Downton on outdoor reconnaissance.

Listen out for the banjo solo in the mix in the final part of the song provided by Dan Weller, a different DW to producer.  Dan is live banjo / guitar and keys with stadium country band Florida Georgia Line and has become a friend over the past year during my US writing trips.

The drums you hear at the start of the track are myself and Brook along with a fine bunch of locals in a drum circle we joined in Woodstock, that felt pretty spiritual and hard on the hands (a couple of hours of solid bongoing) So happy I was to be able to include them in the recording.
Lyrics are here

Hope you enjoy, more soon Steven
Photo as always by Rob Baker Ashton

Wrangling the writing

Excited to have Jonnie Blackburn on board to look after management of my songwriting, it’s been a three year courtship and 2019 felt like the time to solidify and build. The fact he signed one of my favourite bands Mew is just evidence of the quality of his ear.
It’s taken a year or so but I’m really happy splitting my time between the continuation of the world I built in LostAlone now into my solo work (all of which I manage myself – WHO could manage my solo music other than me!) and now with this additional writing and co writing with others for multitudes of projects which Jonnie will be in charge of wrangling the chaotic schedule!
I’ve had the so many amazing experiences over the past year in Europe and the US meeting so many amazing artists and looking to repeat that x a billion this year!
Next stop is my return to Nashville in February, oh and a new solo song before that!

And let’s not forget that I will be playing my first headline shows since 2016 this year! More on that soon



2018 reflecting 8102

Looking back on my ambitions list from this time a year ago it didn’t mention me spending so much time in the US writing for other artists and it certainly didn’t mention not playing any shows for the first time since I was in the first year of school! It’s been a nonstop twelve months full of travelling, writing and new creative experiences. Its quiet possible that when my songwriting spreadsheet (with I’ve kept in some sort of order for many years now) is updated that 2018 could be the most prolific year to date.

In Nashville and Kansas I’ve found songwriting destinations that will form part of my every year from now on, both geographically and friendship wise they’ve opened a new window into a part of my brain previously untouched a true expansion of story telling with words that previously only existed in metaphor.
I also wrote two of my favourite songs I’ve ever written in Belfast back in June so I’ll be certain to return! As always a couple Berlin trips were full of creativity and ending my year in Montreux always gives me the some semblance of schedule, a bookend to a manufactured set of hours and seconds.

The one BIG thing I did have written down this time last year was to fly to New York and make a new record which I did! I had the best time living in my friends beautiful house in Shokan upstate New York and allowing the vibes of the place to truly inhabit the recordings. In the ever changing new age of how we consume music you’ve been hearing the fruits of my musical labour  a song at a time so far, I will ALWAYS be an album lover and this collection of songs is structured to run as one piece however I have really been enjoying drip feeding a song at a time and having the individual have its moment to shine unencumbered by track listing.

Okay so its time for me to sit down and set out some ambitions for 2019, they will include playing live, releasing this record AND recording the next one,  that is going to be a new fun adventure.

Happy New year and thank you for supporting my music.
A few pictorial highlights below


New song Relax!!! out now!

Listen to Relax!!! More about the song below

Recorded in Shokan, upstate New York after attempting to meditate in a Buddhist temple that David Bowie used to frequent and realising that rather than being a relaxing experience, meditation for me is the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. I wrote and recorded the initial parts almost exactly a year ago (first demo is dated 3rd December 2017) at home and then ended up in the US recording in March this year. The end section of the song was recorded live by my friend Brook in the snow covered woods that surround his house (the studio is in his house) and is just me with an acoustic singing and playing walking through this magical setting.

Photography by Rob Baker Ashton

Musical farm life and Exit Brain Left is 2

I spent this past week in a beautiful cottage on a farm out in the rolling hills of the Peak District in the heart of the U.K. Writing songs for another artist, big rock songs so it was very close to my musical home!
I really loved the peace and quiet of the farm life, lucky for me I was always well awake before the cockerel started the morning call.
As November turns to December I’m always reminded by many of you of a certain lyric in the LostAlone song Paradox On Earth “It’s always December when the nights last forever”  this clip might be my favourite version of the song Paradox On Earth Barcelona

A big Happy Birthday to my first solo record Exit Brain Left which came out on this day two years ago,
Stream it here and you can get the repressed CD & second pressing of the blue vinyl over on my shop here
I started writing the record directly after having to make the decision to end the band, it began with a trip to Montreux and then Berlin both between LostAlone touring and then I spent all of 2015 traveling, thinking and making the songs that would end up on the record. This album is me mourning LostAlone and I’m really proud of how it documents the trauma in my heart and mind at that time.

Look out this coming week for a new song from me 😉