Nine Miles Of Light

Hear the sound of your footsteps falling
A path back to the life your leaving
I’ve been dreaming to forget what I’ve been fighting for
No entertainment in regret
The guns in the choir keeping
A multitude of secrets
What you see ain’t what you get
Frightened to explore
This is the age of malcontent
I’m never gonna find that feeling
I left it all abandoned with no sign of life
With no trace of myself left
Take me nothings going to save us now
Nothings going to save us now
Is it really worth it?
Master of this circus
Infamy is certain
As we walk our way down the nine miles of light
I feel safe tonight
Hear the sound of the voices talking
Exhaling a whole subculture
I can feel it in my bones
I can taste it all
Is this the age I left