Steven Battelle

I’ve never trusted hope
And the feeling hope evokes
I guess life always follows when you breathe
The terrors I have known
And the beatings, the comatose
I built these doorways to banish silent screams
The California ghost
What you do for work?
You share your art
Amongst the dead dreams out on Griffith park
My head is my real home
Where I feel safe
Where we stand alone
I guess life always follows where you lead
Fear abandoned it’s time to stand up
Leave the ransom this is a stand off
I’m still standing searching for answers now
Fears abandoned it’s time to stand up
I found a pot of gold undefeated, down Tokyo
Just empty sun rays for loyal absentees
This chaos self imposed Leave the truth alone
Just let it breathe
I guess I’ve always been my own disease
Welcome to my second act
I never left but I’m coming back
I’ve built a new identity
But I’m still breathing history