Paper Island Discs

Put down your violence
Fight with writing
Rip up the guidance
Time never hesitates
When did survival get so tribal
Let me just check if I’ve time to be afraid
I’ve been feeling paralysed
Watching life through passers by
I’ve been feeling traumatised
But music is my one disguise
I’m so divided by defiance
Thoughts on the fire
So close I burnt my face
Hijack your fears adjust reality
Count all your peers they’re doing wonderfully
This place is freezing
Wrap your tears in what you believe in
Feel good Fahrenheit
Life is a sentence joy repentance
Wait for a judgement
Ghosts here won’t testify
I put on some Queen right into Paramore
Wham Billy Talent Susanne Sundfor
Enter Shikari, Mew, Marina
Prince ELO Kate Bush and Sia
Kendrick Lamar via Iron Maiden
MJ to Chvrches Seal St Vincent
Lorde Billy Joel Slipknot Ash Weezer
Elton to Bowie Meat Loaf Beatles