Magic Carpet Ride

Carrie Fisher’s pink ghetto blaster
Is still playing Christmas songs on the great wall of China
I’m on the slow train up to Rochers de Naye
And don’t forget the feeling
Don’t forget to breathe in
I love history but I hate my own past
Trying to find a way back from nowhere to midnight
Like M. Gustav stuck in the right place at the wrong time
Don’t forget to feel it
Dont forget to breathe in
Remember when the your heart was light
When all your dreams were still in sight
Before the clouds consumed your mind
Where all the scars were made
Remember when your thoughts were ghosts
When all yours fears were drenched in hope
And time was just an alibi
A magic carpet ride
You are all you leave behind
Superstitious unreligious contradiction of our spirit
Sing along to the shape of the future
Just find a moment you can hold on to and then
Don’t forget to feel it
Don’t forget to breathe in