Hey guys! So last night Dan P Carter exclusively revealed my new single Last Night On Earth on BBC Radio One (listen again here) and today I’m proud to announce that my debut record Exit Brain Left will be released on December 2nd 2016! The pre order is LIVE here now! 

I’ve chosen a great blue for the vinyl and created a few bundles for you to choose from including a very limited “Exit Brain Left” printed notebook within which I will handwrite the lyrics to every song from the record. I’m excited to be fully independent now. With this in mind please know that every single pre order is massively appreciated and will go a huge way to ensuring that I can continue to make records

I’m excited to talk more about the record but for now go pre order!


battelle_ultimate_bundle battelle_vinyl

1   Powers Of Denial

2   The Jump

3   Steven Battelle

4   A Christmas Cartel

5   Last Night On Earth

6   The Ocean Chorus

7   Police And Thank You

8   Nine Miles Of Light

9   Silent Movie Scream

10  Absent Magic (Part ll)

11  Violent Voices

12  I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be