Momentous day!

Its strange how some things just seem to have such symmetry.

Today I received five copies of the vinyl test pressing of Exit Brain Left! Having heard the songs thousands of times I don’t think I was really prepared for what a momentous occasion this was.

Hearing the music that I’ve crafted over these long months on vinyl for the first time was an immense feeling and somehow in this day of technology the vinyl feels like the most real symbol of actually finishing the record. Now for the symmetry I spoke of earlier…. I checked my calendar and exactly two years ago to this very day I was in Montreux Switzerland having flown out directly after making the decision that the band had to end and started wring this record. How strange and fate like that two years later I’m sitting with the (almost) finished record.

Although its been recorded, mixed and mastered  now for a good few months and the release date is still a couple of months away, today definitely feels like the completion of Exit Brain Left, my first (of many I hope) solo records.

Here’s a couple of photos of the test pressing and one of what it will look like when you receive it! 🙂