Exit Brain left – EPIC BLOG POST

I’m writing this as a stream of consciousness and so expect it to drone and go off on tangents.
Okay, curtains drawn? CHECK! Candles lit? CHECK! Home Alone soundtrack on the turntable? DOUBLE CHECK, email notification turned off and iPhone on airplane mode CHECK, so lets begin.
The date is Wednesday 7th December 2016, I know this because my ical is telling me so (I don’t live a life of any kind of structure other than what I make myself so days and weeks seem to merge into one long melodic wrestle) how its not the 2nd or 3rd even I don’t know I’ve been in the euphoric daze that happens when you spend a good amount of time creating something and then its released into the world, hold on a second….How its not still December 2014 I REALLY don’t know. Time indeed does not only fly but seems to have taken on some yet undiscovered speed that if harnessed by clever scientists correctly I’m sure could propel us to far away, only currently dreamt about places.
So to the reason I’m writing and in fact the reason for my being for the past two years. Exit Brain Left! I started writing this record in October 2014 directly after the decision to end LostAlone was taken. The first move I made was to get away, alone and come to terms with the death of my band. I even did (what in hindsight feels pathetic and must’ve looked hilarious to the many Swans swimming by) a ceremonial “at sea” (even thought technically a lake) burial of the final LA record on the shore of Lake Geneva. I took the CD apart and dropped each element into the water watched it sink, took some emotional deep breaths and then walked away from it and the band that had been my life for going on ten years.
Doing the final LA tour and then the two last shows was hard while mentally I was already making this record but it was necessary closure to that chapter. I’m not going to dwell on all that now – this is a happy post!
Much has been documented already in a bunch of my press interviews and by me on here, instragram and twitter about the way in which I made this record. Traveling throughout 2015 with some very specific destinations, Berlin, Montreux, Stockholm and Barcelona and bringing back demos to then be shaped into the final songs you hear today. Always waiting for my return would be my my partner (and producer and incredible ear) in sonic crime Dan Weller. Big shout out to Rich Collins at Snug Studios Derby for being a constant harnesser of the ridiculousness I entered his studio wielding. A few other key people to thank but I wont dwell on thanks here – they can be found on the back of the record and in the booklet of the CD.
I remember being in Hastings and hearing back the first rough mix of Powers Of Denial and realising at that moment that I was making something new and different. I had been hung up on the fact that maybe everything I wrote would automatically sound like LostAlone but hearing POD was such an amazing feeling! Victory! I also remember that I hadn’t even considered recording that song until it came on on my iTunes playlist over breakfast and Dan’s ears pricked up and said ”THAT IS THE ONE”
After this fantastic studio experience the rest of the record became a joy and I would go about traveling, writing and bringing in the song that we were to record, no other options just the conviction that the song I’d written the previous week was THE SONG.
So now the record is here and I’m loving all you reactions and interactions with me about certain songs and feelings that the record is giving you. Its hard to describe how wonderful it feels to have done this all totally independently without any label (other than my own) (disclosure I have a great PR guy Matt at Devil PR and my fabulous agent Beckie at X Ray touring) and to see CD’s and vinyl being shipped off all around the world and to see you streaming and sharing the songs.
On an slightly more serious note (as if this wasn’t all serious enough) and we’ve all read many bands artists saying this same thing… Its so important and meaningful that you as fans of my music purchase it. I wont go on about the state of this industry and how we should all support bands / artists but I will say this. Streaming! streaming is GREAT (I had a big turn around on Spotify after they invited me in for a meeting and I’m now all for it!) but it should be a vehicle to purchase the album when it comes along and to use an all to common analogy… Its effectively like buying two coffees (or one in London) and it all adds up to a huge deal for the independent artist.
So if you haven’t already then please support the madness that is my music and spend the price of two coffees on Exit Brain Left and if you cant afford that STREAM IT TO DEATH! 🙂
I’m not even sure Facebook will allow a post of such literary magnitude so maybe nobody will see this, click like and comment below though as to make things even harder for artists the only way to get this information to you now seems to be to pay to boost the post.
Thank you so much to all of you all around the world who’ve purchased my record, it means the world to me and will enable me to make my next album which makes this a really beautiful circle of incredibleness.
ps. I’m putting up my Christmas tree up tonight and its intentionally too big for my house which is just how I like it
pps Shout out to everyone who came and sold out my first show in London 🙂 I’ll do another post about the show after we’ve all digested this!