Flying with Santa over Lake Geneva and writing in Montreux!

Hey guys, I hope you’re all still enjoying Exit Brain Left! As is the way with me the day its released it becomes less mine and more yours and so with that in mind I’m writing my next record in my favourite place Montreux and its surrounding areas. I’ve spent an amazing few days visiting Charlie Chaplin’s old house and its film museum, then I got to do something that few others have or ever will and fly with Santa Claus on his sleigh over Lake Geneva which you can see here VIEW FROM THE SLEIGH and here VIEW FROM THE GROUND Thank you to my fried Norbert (and Santa) for making this happen! I also took a train 2000 metres up the mountain to Rochers De Naye where the real Santa Claus lives deep inside the mountain. The entire experience was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, being able to look down on the clouds is crazy and then to go so far down an illuminated tunnel to find Santa sitting at the end, really unreal.

Looking ahead to 2017 I’m excited to start making my next solo record as well as booking some Exit Brain Left shows and seeing you all again, London is still burning in my mind as my favourite show ever!

Head over to my store and if you haven’t already make sure you pick up a physical copy of Exit Brain Left here CD/BLUE VINYL I’m plowing all the money back into making my next record so every sale means the world to me and my music.

I’ve demoed a few new songs already inspired by the Swiss air and keep an ear out for something new in the next few weeks 😉