Writing in Copenhagen, whats next?

In keeping with the way in which I wrote the songs for Exit Brain Left I took myself off on a songwriting expedition to write the songs for my next release. I’ve just returned from the magical (and freezing -4) vibes of Copenhagen with four songs  which I will now fashion into the shape of an EP. I always love how the environment informs the way in which I hear my music and for these songs I hear a lot of guitar surrounded by magical atmospheres. Working titles of  Shipwrecked, The Movement The X-Files and The Vision are all about to begin the journey to full realisation. These songs feel quite different to the follow up to Exit Brain Left (which is mostly written) and so the EP feels like the best medium to just get them out of my system. Talking of Exit Brain Left, the CD is currently £5 and the blue Vinyl is £15! Get them here EXIT BRAIN LEFT