Recording at Chapel Studios

Just had a massively productive and fulfilling week making another EP at Chapel studios. It’s a studio I”ve visited many times and made the odd bit of music but never a full record of my own. It lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. My “work” day would be much like this every day. I’d wake up at 6am and take a walk in the countryside, finalising ideas and polishing lyrics. Then back to the studio for breakfast before embarking on a 10am until 2am day of solid creativity only breaking for the evening meal lovingly created by the amazing owner. I would do a lead vocal every evening no matter the stage the music was at just to ensure that I didn’t end up with four songs to sing in the final days. Once I hit my bedroom Lyrics buzzing around my brain and new counter melodies meant that bedtime was really just a few hours of dozing and writing  but I LOVED every second of it! We’re going directly into mixing now so I’m excited to hear the final finished thing! Oh and for a timeline thing I’ve new music coming BEFORE you hear this music! Brilliant to work again with Dan Weller and our new engineer friend Luke was a brilliant addition!

More to come!