Mercury Bar, StringAgeddon and songs galore

I had a brilliant time working on one of my songs at the legendary Metropolis studios in London. My Queen fandom peaked walking the halls of the place where much of the final Queen record –Innuendo was made. Between Montreux’s Mountain Studios (a place I know well now!)and Metropolis Freddie Mercury’s final work was completed so for me personally it felt like a real special place to “work”… I still struggle to call writing and recording songs work.

Anyway, the song I finished at Metropolis is a big seven minute epic which I’m making some very specific plans around. Before all that you’ll be hearing a new song called No Leopards, a very different song recorded predominately in and around my Berlin hotel a month or so back.

I’ve spent the past week writing and  planning, being a songwriter and artist seems to involve so many lists and lists about lists especially when I’ve multiple records on the go at once. Whats’s nice at the moment is that 80% of what I’m working on is for me and the other 20% is for other people, a nice balance! One of the things I’ve been working on for another project is a huge classical piece, it’d been sending me crazy, so many parts all intertwined and effecting each other, love it.

I really should think about playing shows!

I made a playlist of my discography! Listen to it here 

More soon


Ps I love the new St Vincent record, you should check it out