Exit Brain Left 28 track deluxe version!

Out on the 24th November Preorder here 
Part 1.What and why? 

I made EBL in a different way to any record I’d previously recorded. Rather than spending months of demoing and then entering a studio I took my portable studio, guitar and travelled on and off for a year writing songs / recording sounds in the different environments and then weaving them into the tapestry of the songs.
Part 2. They sound ace! 
I often receive requests for usage of my music and usually its the instrumentals that are needed. Recently I gave them a listen and it shocked me how much the stand up as entities of their own,  stripped of all the words, harmonies and me warbling they evoked a huge feeling in me for the exact moment of creation and so many musical parts that I just don’t come through with the vocals all over the top now shine out loud, its really enlightening to hear how much texture went into these songs.
Part 3. DELUXE
Which brings me on to this! As a right sided bookend to this era of my work and in the midst of making my second record I thought it would be nice to release this expanded version featuring the aforementioned instrumentals as a companion piece.
Part 4. A little extra
I’ve also included a few demos of songs that made the record and a couple that didn’t.
You’ll get Violent Voices instrumental as an instant download as soon as you pre order.
In celebration and bookending the Exit Brain Left era the Vinyl, CD & T-shirts are on sale until Christmas.
CD £5
Vinyl £10
T-Shirt £5

Exit Brain Left Deluxe
28 track expanded digital edition £9.99 

1. Powers of Denial
2. The Jump
3. Steven Battelle
4. A Christmas Cartel
5. Last Night On Earth
6. The Ocean Chorus
7. Police And Thank You
8. Nine Miles Of Light
9. Silent Movie Scream
10. Absent Magic (Part II)
11. Violent Voices
12. I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be

13. Powers of Denial – Instrumental
14. The Jump – Instrumental
15. Steven Battelle – Instrumental
16. A Christmas Cartel – Instrumental
17.  Last Night On Earth- Instrumental
18. The Ocean Chorus – Instrumental
19. Police And Thank You – Instrumental
20. Nine Miles Of Light – Instrumental
21. Silent Movie Scream – Instrumental
22. Absent Magic (Part II) – Instrumental
23. Violent Voices – Instrumental
24.  I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be – Instrumental

25. Nine Miles Of Light – Demo
26. 9Nine9 – Demo
27. Utopia For truth – Demo
28. The Jump – Demo