New York City

Finished up a frantic and inspirational ten days recording my second record in Shokan just next to Woodstock, a really magical environment for making music and I know the spirit of the place is forever imbued within the songs.
Spent the past five days exploring NYC. I’ve been here before with the band but very briefly and it was a busy time. Its been amazing to really get to know the city these past few days, really enjoyed doing a mixture of super touristy things and some places recommended by good friends. Also and obviously I’ve been hitting the Home Alone and Ghostbusters sights.

Right now I’m in bed at Laguardia airpot (another Home Alone 2 location!) where today I’ll fly out to Kansas to write some country songs 🙂
After that I’ll return to the U.K and get the record mixed and prepped for release! 🙂