Back into mixing my second solo record, something so cool about mixing at home.
I’ve been around the world and back with these songs and they ¬†feel both more guitar driven yet more experimental than anything I’ve done before, even though I’ve not tried to experiment – if that makes sense. I guess its just my natural evolution.
I definitely feel that after the trilogy of LA records I felt I’d taken rock to the limits of what I wanted to do with it and then Exit Brain Left was my total prog pop trip which I’m so proud of taking. This new set of songs feels like a combination of everything thats come before with some additional craziness.

Something thats been great this time around is that I’ve been rehearsing the songs with my live band between recording and mixing and so the live band feel has really helped shape my mixing mind.

Again I’ve played and sang everything on this record which feels fantastic! Actually I had some gang vocal help on one song and myself and my friend Brook attended a drum circle in Woodstock which we sampled so thats not just me!

I’ll write a lot more about this when Im sitting listening to the final mastered recordings. For now just know that I’m excited!