Last week in Nashville, NYC, protesting, Mew and home!

Created some beautiful songs with a bunch of new friends in Nashville and in Nashville itself I’ve found a new place that really feels like a songwriters home – excited to return soon!
Brief stop off in New York, always fills me with a unique energy and is on the small list of places I could really see myself residing at some point.

Landed in the U.K and walked directly into the peoples vote mark around parliament, right back in to the thick of vile U.K politics and then balanced that with a visit to the Queen pop up shop and then witnessed one of my favourite bands playing at the Barbican. Mew Frengers played in order was something amazing to behold, what a band! Check them out f you haven’t before. They actually impacted myself and Mark from LostAlone a lot in the early days of our band.

So seven days in LA, three weeks in Nashville and a day in NYC come to an end, many songs were born and are now being nurtured into a state the world can hear them.

Okay time to play a lot of vinyl (I’ve missed y record player) and then get right back into it all!
New solo song from my second record out next week 🙂