Meditation, writing and the return of dreaming.

I’m 20 days into doing meditation and its already really helping to shape my day in a more positive way. Being a writer is a very solitary existence, unless I’m writing with someone I spend 90% of my week alone with my thoughts and it can be a dangerous place.  What seems to be a byproduct of this mediative work is that I’ve started dreaming again which I’ve been devoid of experiencing, or at least remembering for a few years now. I used to dream a lot, I actually wrote the LostAlone song Love Will Eat You Alive within a dream and woke up and effectively covered my own creation – something I called SDP “Self Dream Plagiarism. I thought I’d start writing down my dreams as soon as I wake from them, the below is from this morning at 4:59am.

04.59 woke up from a great dream. Had a shed in a garden which was mine in the dream but not mine in real life. Massive party going on in the house which was “in dream mine” “in reality not” I ended up slipping out, vacuuming the shed and turning it into a really cool  relaxing place. While walking back to the main house I bumped into Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams who were on the veranda on the edge of the more intense elements of party, Sophie had a little breakfast at tiffany’s box and was looking for somewhere to keep it safe and so I suggested the shed. The three of us escaped the bustle of the party and went to the shed, found a place for the box and just had the best talk,  covering a huge range of topics and with much laughter, then something woke me up. I hate it when you make great friends in a dream only to be woken up and realise it’s not real.
Not sure that’s going to be a hit! 🙂

In other news I’ve started signing all the vinyl preorders, get yours and /CD here and check out the video of me signing a record filming with my phone in my mouth!
Thanks so much to the many of you who have already preordered. As I’ve said on a number of occasions its hugely important for independent artists like myself that the fanbase buy the album, everything that comes in from the sales of this record goes directly into me making the next one – in the ever expanding streaming domination its does not go without huge thanks from myself that you support my music by buying the physical copy on CD or Vinyl, all the advice nowadays is just release digitally, maybe thats the future and this will be my last physical???? Who knows!

I had a great rehearsal with my live band, see below for a clip of Shark Infested Stalker, excited for my show in September! get tickets here