My new single and first of the decade is called Galaxies and is streaming everywhere now!
Follow this link to find GALAXIES! 
Artwork was hand drawn by my LostAlone brother Alan Williamson and inspired by the lyrics which you can read below. Enjoy! 🙂

We’re all just walking ghosts
Time that gave up on hope
For this love is borrowed time
The future we left behind
We’re on a sinking boat
These hours will be our last show
I needed help to breathe
Escape had no destiny for us
Maybe we’ll meet again
Underneath the moonlight
Underneath the stars of Earth
Maybe we’ll dance again
Floating on the ocean
Scream across the universe
Watch our galaxies reverse
Be careful for what you’ve wish for
If we wash up with the tide
A frozen eternal shiver
We’re on a tragic hope
And where did the magic go
I want to breathe to sail beyond