A Stormy Disposition

Neglected my own website for most of this year and I suppose with good reason. I’ve had my mind firmly focused on writing and creating a new record as well as juggling my day job of writing songs for other artists.

The new record is 7 songs finished with a further 3/4 to go and thats with some room for me to write a good few more songs and really finish the creative vision for this record. It’s feeling magical, dark and heavy and lyrically following on from all my usual themes and expanding on them while referring back to some other songs of mine, which is something I love doing. So on the new record I’m very excited and Im living it right now.

The cowriting game is definitely a shift to how I write my solo or LostAlone songs which I write completely alone but I’ve recently had some very fulfilling writing sessions with artists I believe in so I’m enjoying the process a lot. They’ve all been remote session due to the pandemic but I have my first co write in a studio next week so I’m a little nervous.
Talking of songwriting this song came out last week that I was really happy to be involved in writing, check it out hereĀ 

I’ve really been enjoying my Patreon experience as well, the community we have built up is fantastic and I love our monthly live streams and doing the podcast for you. So much LostAlone and solo stories which I enjoy telling. If you’ve not given it a go click hereĀ