One room and a baritone.

Spent a week locked in a box room at my friend James’s house up in Derby, isolating with Covid after I tested positive for it while visiting home.
It was definitely an experience! Firstly I felt awful for about two days with flu like symptoms but then very quickly that passed and I was left with painful stomach, limbs and then a cough appeared.
I’m so happy I shielded for so long until I had both my doses of the vaccine, I think my lungs would’ve struggled without it.
I managed to get a Baritone guitar dropped round for me to bide the time, things would’ve been so different if I had my recording set up that I usually travel with but this one time, with it being a brief visit I went without, MISTAKE!
It did feel so reminiscent of my teenage years living at home and writing all my songs sat on the bed with a guitar, so it was ace to connect with my nostalgia..

The baritone was really useful and its solved a big issue with how to play one of the new records songs, can’t wait for you all to hear this one, it might be the first single.
I seem to get myself into this situation more and more these days, it started with the LostAlone song Crusaders wherein the parts I played on the record using multiple guitars are impossible to cover by one person, hence having the guitar built for that song. This one doesn’t need to be that extreme but it does require a more stable guitar down in the lower end so the baritone with a variety of different strings has done the job! Thanks to my luthier Danny for making it a reality!
I’ll be receiving my very own Fender baritone soon so Im excited for that!
For the album I’m working on I’m predicting a May 2022 release and with the first single rolling out very early in the new year if not before, exciting!

In other news I’ve really found a nice balance of ace artists I’m co-writing songs with and Im really excited for some of these songs to come out!
The Patreon podcast and monthly live stream has become such an enjoyable little community to be part of, love the live streams and all your questions for the podcast, keep sending them over!
If you’ve not been involved yet you can have a look around here

Much more soon

Enjoy two pictures of me in isolation with the baritone.