Writing, mountains, fresh air, snow, waves, castles, hot choc, fondue and wine.

Finally after two years of pandemic related postponement,  I returned to what has become my spiritual home, where my head feels calm and the weight of life is instantly lifted from me.
Without writing a travel blog, Montreux for has become the place I go to not only write and clear my head but also where the next year of  my life and all the big decisions seem to be made.
The magnitude of plans and decisions I’ve made walking along these shores or sitting with a hot choc over the years has almost created its own pressure upon me to MAKE SURE I MAKE SOME BIG PLANS! Luckily I managed to banish the pressure after the first day and just settle into a calm focus. Musical thoughts, where is home, what’s next all these thoughts passed over me and solidified.

So here are a few pics of me in various places, the one with the chap in the shop is my dear friend Norbert who is one of the co founders of Montreux Noel.

News on the new record and shows is imminent.