Midnight Between Months – 3rd Birthday

I wrote this record in what now seems like such a strange, distant and almost unimaginable time when traveling was a very normal part of what I did and before a words and phrases like lockdown and daily death rate / infection rate were not common place. It’s a record released just pre pandemic and full of the innocence of a time before the global shutdown.

As with my first solo record it was made very much alone in various hotels and walks. It all came together in New York where the finishing touches and mixing was done.
Listening now it’s such a great diary of what feels like an unknown, unmemorable period of time to me and I dont mean that in terms of unmemorable as a bad thing, it just feel to me personally that 2017/18  has no immediate jump out points at least in what I was doing.

Apple Tree, Magic Carpet Ride and Dancing To A Silent Beat feel like siblings in theme as does Shark Infested Stalker and Shipwrecked – the latter having such strange resonance to me now as its plainly about the end of the band which is now back together. Running Wild In New York City is me trying to time travel to New York when Freddie Mercury was living, creating and partying hard in the early 80’s. Relax!!! is something Im still trying to do! Stick to Your Dreams Not To Your Guns just takes me direct to Woodstock where along with my friend Brook we recorded the live drum circle we took part in that you hear on the song. When I Was Older is the fantasy song on this record, it makes me feel like a flying pirate with a good heart traveling above The Nile and Who’s Knocking At My Door? is me at my actual home in a (fantasy) wild forest in the middle of a storm, the fear of what’s just outside that door.

I’m really proud of this record and I really hope you enjoy listening to it today, if you don’t have the vinyl and CD use MBM3Y code at checkout for 15% off Buy here