New Mcfly record

During the time I wrote and recorded the recent LostAlone record I also did this!
I’m extremely proud to be involved in the making / writing of this absolutely epic Mcfly record.
Imagine Aragon from The Lord Of The Rings forming a band with Buzz Lightyear and living at Hogwarts but it’s in the magic kingdom. Uniqlo providing all the clothes, Dash on tap, walls made of Tony’s choc and the year is 1985 but in the future and a different dimension and MOUNTAINS OF RIFFS!!

Every song is massive and every moment has been cherished until it can’t be loved more.
Huge shout out to Danny, Dougie, Harry & Tom for a total commitment to perfection in songwriting and for some of the most fulfilling musical moments ever.
Big love to Jason Perry for getting me involved.
The record is out on June 9th and you can pre order here.