Signing pre-orders & say hello to Battelle FM

I can’t begin to tell you what a brilliant feeling it is to know that after all the hard work these will soon be heading off all around the world and ending up soundtracking the next months and years of your lives like these songs have soundtracked the past two years of mine. Thanks to all of you who’ve already pre-ordered. If you’d like a signed copy please be sure to order in the next couple of weeks [I’ll get a firm last date for signed copy soon as possible] as they have to be shipped back to Stevenage where they are then sent all around the world to you in time for the December 2nd release date! Pre-order your copy of Exit Brain Left here


You may have heard me mention Battelle FM over the years. Its been a private playlist that I’ve been constantly adding with the music that I loving that specific week.  Today I’ve finally found a home for it on Spotify and I’ll be updating it once a week. You can find it here >> Battelle FM  Make sure you follow in order to be notified when I update it. I really hope that I can introduce you to some music you might have previously heard.


Also its November which means my first show is THIS MONTH!! Knowing the church is going to be packed out has got me so excited, its all down to me and the band then to make sure this past year of rehearsal delivers on the stage! Final tickets for London and tickets for my first ever hometown show can be found here.