Wild West Hero

Spending the past week in the studio making so much different music while enduring the most intense heat ever was a trying time! Musical results were great though!
Between writing and recording I’ve finishing up writing out all the lyrics for the postcard sets that coke with my EP which is out this Friday! Order a limited edition signed CD here 

I was so lucky to see a songwriting hero for the second time in a year, Jeff Lynne from the band ELO –  well he kind of was ELO having written and produced all the songs. Yesterday I saw him at Wembley stadium, so inspiring! I recommend watching the BBC documentary “Mr Blue Sky” and you will fall in love with him and his music.  Next up is a few more days recording in the studio, rehearsal with my live band for 2000 trees festival and a trip to Berlin for some writing and to see my friends in Paramore and then… more music more releases!

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