Writing in Norway.

Took in Weezer and Ash at Wembley before flying out to Norway for some writing. Brilliant to see Weezer headline Wembley after consistently building for over 20 years.  I’ve only ever been out here in Oslo on tour and so the usual quick run around the city to try and see everything was previously my only experience, like Stockholm and Copenhagen though I knew it was my kind of city. I love Scandinavia so much, it feels so mystical to me as well as everyone being super friendly, relaxed and happy!
Its been so nice to immerse myself in this beautiful city and visit, admittedly some of the tourist spots (nothing wrong with that in my opinion) as well as some of the recommended off the beaten track places. I’m working out here on songs that I’ll be recording in the new year in New York, I’m giving myself a long run at these songs to allow them some room to breathe before recording. Recently I’ve recorded the moment after I’ve written the song and while I love this approach its always nice to change things up a little, a little bit of air might really benefit these songs.