A month in America

Hey everyone! ┬áReally happy to announce that I’ve finished tracking my second solo record out in New York and will shortly be mixing back in the UK. As always with my music I’ve pushed myself further in search of new avenues to transport my melody from my brain into the world. This record is exactly where I want to be right now. Again I’ve worked with Dan Weller with various engineer / production contributions from Brook Downton in New York and Rich Collins back home.
Cant wait to start rolling out the music for you to hear. I cant stop listening to the rough mixes.

Since finishing up the record in New York I’ve been living in a lake house in Kansas writing and recording songs with some really talented country artists – this is something I’ll be returning to many more times this year and is separate to my solo endeavours.

I’ve just returned home, enjoying a 28 hour trip from Kansas via NYC then to London then home. I’m attempting with all my will power to take a few days off for Easter before it all starts again.

Excited to mix the second record and get it into you ears.

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