Happy 4th Birthday Shapes of Screams

Wow four years since the release of Shapes of Screams, how time is flying!

My recollection of the making of this record are of total chaos combined with laser focus , business chaos, life chaos (not mine) death of loved ones (mine), breakdowns in the vocal booth (due to death of life and of dream) secret depressions, not secret depressions, epic life talks, Les Miserables influenced, doom laden vibes, chocolate while doing lead vocal takes (not advised by anyone) running around London with hard drives full of vocal harmonies, creating a melodic menu, recording a gospel choir, creating the first ever stereo ding dong multi layer multi insanity harmony (breakdong section)  recording an actual judge condemning me, harmonising the T Rex from Jurassic Park with the main Uruk-Hai in the battle of helms deep in the Lord of The Rings The Two Towers (and getting that played on BBC Radio One, surely a first) in D Minor, having a guitar built to play one riff in one song and also a black cat that could transfigure into human form oh and finding myself alone in the studio at points wondering where everyone was and what on earth was going on.
Unfathomable, unfashionable, unwanted and unmistakably LostAlone and unintentionally like nothing else, just the sound I hear in my head.

In the words of Nick Ruskell
“Shapes Of Screams is an album filled with first kiss adrenaline, heart bursting happiness, life affirming air guitar moments and demented genius that will leave you delighted for hearing it”