The weird limbo of the just finished record.

I’m in that strange middling period of time which occurs directly after finishing a record and yet before you can really do anything with it. So in that spirit I’ve done the only thing I know…. WRITE MORE and WRITE MORE WHILE TRAVELING!

Next stop is mastering the record. I love setting the track listing out and making the choices about how songs flow in and out of each other. The flow of a record is something that I’ve always cared deeply about and why listening to my music in the context of the full record is in my opinion the optimum listening experience.
In the meantime I’ve to plan exactly how I want to put this record out and what I shall do around it.

My live band is up and running now, learning the new songs and refreshing how we approach the songs from Exit Brain Left and my EP

Special mention to the breathtaking Susanne Sundfør show I saw at the Barbican, took my breath away! If you’ve not listened to her may I recommend her new record “music for people in trouble” and also the record that got me into her “Ten Love Songs” I’m going to listen to the new Chvrches record now and then write some more songs.