5:09am  Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles – Alone. 

I cant sleep so I’ve decided to start documenting the strange existence I now inhabit.
I’ll do this as often as and in often as I can.

Traveling songwriter 
5:09am  Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles – Alone. 

I’ve been on the edge of preparing for this trip for three weeks and I’ve only been home for six weeks. When I say preparing I mean both writing a multitude of songs, really focusing on my lyrics as well as having my suitcase mapped out and planned perfectly.

You see this, this lifestyle I now lead of traveling, writing, being alone and being surrounded is a whole different species of animal to the beast I previously both created, wielded and rode. In my band it was an adventure, a team of both band and crew out on a mission, the objectives of which were clear. Also what I didn’t realise until this past year is that the band was a cloak underneath its various apparatus I felt safe, I don’t feel safe anymore which occasionally I like but many times, like just before traveling to the other side of the world I’m not as keen on.

I’ve become re obsessed with Queen’s 1974 record Sheer Heart Attack and I just had the realisation here listening to Roger Taylor singing Tenement Funster of how when Queen toured that record in 74/75 they couldn’t do what I’m doing now, connecting to the outside world, speaking to people back home and being constantly stimulated by movies, music and news –  keeping the mind occupied.  Maybe thats why they made such amazing music.

Okay this is it for the first post of this kind, I feel a little more tired having focused on the screen. Rather like a Wes Anderson movie these writings may not be linear so abruptly we come crashing to the end and hopefully to me crashing out in bedfitcher (bed)

I also just made a playlist to accompany the words.