Imagined lobby awkwardness and the ocean calm

27.9.18 – In the dead silence of the night……again.  Writing about the 26th. 
Yesterday I went for a meeting at Universal music publishing in Santa Monica. The dude at reception was indeed a dude and when he signed me in the familiar vocal harmony layering of my song No Leopards  started playing throughout the lobby. This provoked in me a studied look of every face that walked past and particular note to any head nods or foot taps. I played out a multitude of scenarios in my mind wherein a group of people would walk out and proclaim “this music is awful” and how I’d have reacted if faced with such awkwardness….anyway thankfully that never happened and I was walked to the office of my co meeter to indeed have a meeting.

I then took a writing walk down to the Pacific ocean and gave the pier a quick up and down.
Hovered on the sand for a while writing lyrics. Something about an ocean horizon that really provokes massive levels of contemplation.