62 strat, epic country stomper and isn’t every day album day?

I had the absolute pleasure of playing this 1962 Fender strat yesterday, you could feel the history in every note. I put down a riff I’ve had for a while on a really cool country song and it sounded insane.
Just heard it’s national album day back in the U.K. or is it worldwide? I dont know about you but for me every day is album day!  I don’t know but with that in mind I’ve put 20% code off on Exit Brain Left blue vinyl second pressing and the CD version. Use the code NASHVILLE at checkout

Had a great two days with grammy winning writer Bart Allmand (owner of the 62 strat) and Sarah Ross owner of incredible voice making a huge stomping country meets T rex track!  Now heading into two days with a new artist! This trip is relentless but its what I love to do, another 7 days of non stop writing ahead!