Lift me up like Hagrid


A whirlwind of a week so far, working with a different artist every day, embodying the spirit of the personality and hopefully elevating the vision, thats my mission on these writing sessions. 

Name checking Hagrid (from Harry Potter for the uneducated) has been a highlight.

Last night after some meetings in town we went to the super tourist area, Broadway which was an assault on the senses, a band in literally ever bar window and believe me every building is a bar! Neon and craziness everywhere. Was cool to visit the FGL house for food,  Dan Weller (US Dan not UK Dan) is a member of the HUGE band Florida Georgia Line and so EVERYTHING we ate and drank was free! Nice!

Ah I was so sad to hear that Montserrat Caballe’ passed away, her album with Freddie Mercury has been a constant companion for me, I LOVE it and she seemed such a lovely person in all the interviews I saw her in. I took some time to listen to that record today, sat out on the swinging chair that become my favourite place for some reflection here in Nashville. 

Big writing session today, catch you all after that! 🙂