Musical farm life and Exit Brain Left is 2

I spent this past week in a beautiful cottage on a farm out in the rolling hills of the Peak District in the heart of the U.K. Writing songs for another artist, big rock songs so it was very close to my musical home!
I really loved the peace and quiet of the farm life, lucky for me I was always well awake before the cockerel started the morning call.
As November turns to December I’m always reminded by many of you of a certain lyric in the LostAlone song Paradox On Earth “It’s always December when the nights last forever”  this clip might be my favourite version of the song Paradox On Earth Barcelona

A big Happy Birthday to my first solo record Exit Brain Left which came out on this day two years ago,
Stream it here and you can get the repressed CD & second pressing of the blue vinyl over on my shop here
I started writing the record directly after having to make the decision to end the band, it began with a trip to Montreux and then Berlin both between LostAlone touring and then I spent all of 2015 traveling, thinking and making the songs that would end up on the record. This album is me mourning LostAlone and I’m really proud of how it documents the trauma in my heart and mind at that time.

Look out this coming week for a new song from me 😉