NEW MUSIC – Stick To Your Dreams Not To Your Guns

Welcome to the release of the fourth song from my second record.
Stream Stick To Your Dreams Not To Your Guns here
The song appeared in my mind during one of my usual writing walks, a little more inspiration came from the Kon Tiki museum in  Oslo and I finally finished up lyrically in New York in the snow covered forest, another true world song which I seem to have become quite regular in creating.
I recorded the majority of the song on my travels and then really put it together in the Shokan sessions with Dan Weller on co producing skills and Brook Downton on outdoor reconnaissance.

Listen out for the banjo solo in the mix in the final part of the song provided by Dan Weller, a different DW to producer.  Dan is live banjo / guitar and keys with stadium country band Florida Georgia Line and has become a friend over the past year during my US writing trips.

The drums you hear at the start of the track are myself and Brook along with a fine bunch of locals in a drum circle we joined in Woodstock, that felt pretty spiritual and hard on the hands (a couple of hours of solid bongoing) So happy I was to be able to include them in the recording.
Lyrics are here

Hope you enjoy, more soon Steven
Photo as always by Rob Baker Ashton