Writing at home and Belfast for the Throne!

Spending the early hours of every morning writing in depth descriptions of each song on my new record, I find myself thinking that they would actually be nice to include in the liner notes of the record. Its such a strange thing going back to lyrics and how every single time I find a whole new level of meaning and what it was I was actually writing about becomes in stark clarity. I’d love to study this, how can it be that I’m saying a multitude of layered things that at the time I didn’t realise I was talking specifically about? Love this.
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Last weekend I had a lovely trip to Belfast to see my friend, tour manger and FOH (FRONT OF HOUSE or SOUND MAN) and along with me came Alan, mark from LostAlone and our friend Mozza. We had a really great time visiting many of the Game Of Thrones locations that I’d visited while writing in June of 2018. I love Northern Ireland so much, it feels Lord Of The Ringsy in its landscape.

Rehearsal with the live band has been going great, all the new songs I want to play live have been played and so time to look at a few others from my first record. New music in a couple of weeks and I might just might announce a show and the album 🙂