The middle of the end stage

Ok I’m in the middle of the end stages of putting my second solo record release together. That will make 5 records I’ve written and released if you include the three LostAlone albums and discount the “kind of” albums I wrote and released in my school and collage bands, actually maybe that does one of them a disservice – Clear Water Paranoia by my college band Intentions Of An Asteroid has some audio merit – especially if you like seeing how my writing, playing and vocal style evolved. I may at some point release the recordings of my school band, songs are great but we are YOUNG! Also lets not forgot all the forgotten records that due to time didn’t get released – the infamous “Lost second LostAlone record” for which many of you who saw us on the Say No To The World tour will remember a bunch of songs that were intended for album two but then things happened, delays occurred and by the time we signed to Warner Brothers I wrote an entire new record which you know as I’m A UFO In This City. Only Vesuvius and Do You Get What You Pray For? remain from the intended album 2 and then by the time I got to Shapes Of Screams I’d written so many more songs the mountain of music was too vast to climb!

Anyway! I’ve all but locked in most of everything for my new record including what will be my first headline show since December 2016! I do hope you guys will come out in your usual amazing travelling incredibleness, if the show is packed out I’ll be able to play more shows! So news on show, album and new song coming within the month of April 🙂
Thanks for continuing to play and share my music on Spotify  Apple and all other good streaming platforms. You can of course get everything so far physically here

Okay time to get back on it all!
OH also I mentioned on Twitter, I’m considering playing a little “mid show acoustic pre solo songs” set during my solo show so this means a couple of my much beloved LA songs. I’ve a rule that I will never play those songs with a band unless its myself, Alan and Mark but it feels okay to play them acoustically and so maybe I will do just that!
See you soon