A sentimental stretch

With all the traveling that I’ve done over the years of touring and more recently writing trips I’m used to a transient life so it came as a shock to me just how sentimental about my little house I’ve become. As of this past weekend I’ve packed up everything I own into four distinct areas which took military precision and thought.

  1. Storage unit for the ridiculous amount of LostAlone equipment
  2. My attic / loft (I still own the house – also how do I own a house!!) for memorabilia and general “don’t need it but want to keep it” stuff 
  3. Everything I’m taking to my new apartment in London (not mine until November) 
  4. What I need for a month in a hotel which also includes a week in Berlin and a week in Belfast. 

Its a self imposed move for the sake of my songwriting and a leap into the unknown but I think it’s important to keep moving forward. I’m now three days into a month of writing in hotel with a Berlin writing interval and a Belfast trip to mix something (hopefully) very special as well as emotional.

Yesterday I went for a hearing test and to have moulds made of my ears for plugs and monitors. Would you believe it that my heating is above average! Proving once and for all that the damage I’ve done over the years of wearing no ear protection has actually improved my hearing, its like the sound has a clear path to my brain now.

I’m really happy how much you are all are enjoying Midnight Between Months  and I really loved playing the songs live, working on hopefully doing some more live stuff for 2020 and of course more music is always on the horizon

Ok Im off to meet legendary Phil Knox Roberts, he who have been a long term friend and supporter / business partner since the first LA record.