The cellars painted orange…..

I’m just finishing week two of my four weeks living in a hotel, lots of walking, writing and demoing.
I had a great meeting with my agent Beckie yesterday and we discussed the potential of me playing some more shows. I really want to, I just have to find a way to make it work.

I don’t normally share lyrics in advance of the song but seen as Im going slightly crazy in a hotel I’ll share these from a song you’ll get to hear at some point.

The cellar’s painted orange
Because it’s less obvious than red
The staircase only creeks 

When footsteps don’t know where to tread
The spider on the ceiling
Has become my only friend
The loner in the dark
Projecting fear
Ends up a web

Hope you’re still enjoying the new record, I’ve been busy dreaming up my next set of songs so hopefully I’ll be able to get something out soon and keep the flow of music going.

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Midnight Between Months