Mixing in the Mourne Mountains

Hey everyone.

I’m writing to you in what is the start of week four and the final week of living in various hotel rooms after renting out my house and making a large move to London – my new place is ready on Friday! 🙂

I’ve mostly spent the time in a room in Feltham which is the place Freddie Mercury lived after he and his family fled the civil war in Zanzibar, you can if you’re inclined visit the house he spent his teens in and when I say visit I mean you can walk past it and have a little think.

I had a great few days in Berlin, thinking and writing in one of my favourite places in the world and making some choices about what’s next for my music, favourite little lyric that dropped out of my head during Berlin was “Time goes fast when you’re having fun so for a long life you best have none” look out for that in a new song.

Anyway I’m currently writing sat in the upstairs room of a little cottage in a very southern part of Northern Ireland, Kilkeel right by the beautiful Mourne Mountains. We’ve turned this room into a makeshift studio for the week with the rest of the house being set aside for me to wander and write. The we is myself and Peter Breen the long term LostAlone FOH / TM and now he does the same for my rather less extensive (so far) touring schedule. We’re here taking a very deep dive into the darkness and unlocking emotions I’d pushed aside for almost five year years now….we’re mixing the final LostAlone shows into a hopefully presentable live record.

Let’s see what hearing these beloved songs on repeat all week does to my mental state by the end of the week.

More updates soon.