Battelle has left the building + new BP_-Ep 5

First up Breakfast Pudding Episode 5 is out now, you can subscribe over here on my Patreon. Its a Midnight Between Months special and I go deep into the writing, recording and mixing of the album.   I’ve also just dropped a little live recording on Patreon for you to download, its a clip from the song Relax!!! and is the part of the song that we recorded live in the middle of a snow covered wood in upstate New York.Such a great vibe.

129 days in my apartment to shield my weak lungs from this virus, it was a game changing experience and while I personal have a total distrust in this corrupt government I made plans to travel safely from London to Derby and into a studio to play some loud music. I was also lucky enough to visit my friend/pedal builder/LA tech/ Solo bass player Jimi’s farm – wow that was MUCH NEEDED NATURE TIME.

I also got so see parents and my grandma as well which was great.

I’m now back in London and making some new music, so far I’d describe it as “urgent” and “epic”
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