Midnight Between Months [Deluxe]

Hey friends.

As with my first solo record I’ve decided to put out an expanded deluxe version of my second one. It’s the same format as before digital only (though you can still get CD/Orange Vinyl of the original release) including instrumental versions of every song and a few bonus tracks.
You can pre order the download and see the track listing here and it will land on the 25th September.
This version has one extra track than the version which will be streaming which is honestly because I found it AFTER I uploaded to my distributer. Hope you’ll enjoy this expanded version.

So much more in the works right now, I’ve been using lockdown and these uncertain months to write a new record, its feeling epic and will be with you in 2021 as well as live shows.
I’ve also found so much joy in the Patreon community we’ve started to build with with the podcast and the monthly live stream show from right here in my London home. If you’ve yet to get involved come over here and you’ll instantly have access to 6 episodes of the podcast and you’ll be ready for the next live show on the 24th September.

Hope you’re all safe and keeping well.