New York City

Finished up a frantic and inspirational ten days recording my second record in Shokan just next to Woodstock, a really magical environment for making music and I know the spirit of the place is forever imbued within the songs.
Spent the past five days exploring NYC. I’ve been here before with the band but very briefly and it was a busy time. Its been amazing to really get to know the city these past few days, really enjoyed doing a mixture of super touristy things and some places recommended by good friends. Also and obviously I’ve been hitting the Home Alone and Ghostbusters sights.

Right now I’m in bed at Laguardia airpot (another Home Alone 2 location!) where today I’ll fly out to Kansas to write some country songs ūüôā
After that I’ll return to the U.K and get the record mixed and prepped for release! ūüôā


Making music in New York

Its day two in this beautiful environment in¬†Shokan, New York where I’m making my second solo record. I’ve recorded a lot of the basic backing tracks already and so right now its all about absorbing the surroundings and allowing this place to permeate the songs. ¬†I’m out here wth Dan Weller who has now been at the helm for my last few records, including the final LA album and my debut solo record.
I highly recommend making a record in a beautiful house on the edge of a forest!


A studio start to the year

December and January are always my most prolific months, just something about the finality coupled with the birth of a year seems to produce a manic wave of writing within me.
These past few weeks have seen the usual acceleration in the amount of songs I’ve written and recorded. On a daily basis I’ve been splitting my brain between three different writing projects and on top of these devoting huge amounts of (mostly night) time to my cherished second solo record. Another month before I headset to New York to put it all together.
Who knows what 2018 holds, the only guarantee I can give is I’ll be making and releasing more music.


Life In The Stocks podcast + Montreux writing + Clear Water Paranoia

I was delighted to sit down with my friend Matt Stocks and do a long-form interview with him for his podcast Life In The Stocks. You can hear our conversation on here  iTunes or acast
We covered many subjects including my first ever real discussion about the end of LostAlone as well as more cheery stuff like my debut solo record and my plans for 2018.

We did the interview just before I flew away to Montreux (as is now my Christmas tradition) where I spent time walking, writing and enjoying the beautiful Christmas market by Lake Geneva while the Alps cast a looming beautiful shadow across the water.

Today I released a record from a long time ago in a a galaxy far far away. Its called Clear Water Paranoia and I wrote it for one of the many bands myself and Mark had before LostAlone. At the time it only came out in Japan and so today finally its available everywhere, streamable and downloadable here now!  

I think you can hear the LostAlone sound forming in these songs and although I really don’t like my voice on this record I do like a lot of the songs, especially the lyrics.







I’ve just made my weekly Battelle FM playlist and its a special “favourite songs of 2017” edition!
Listen here BATTELLE FM

Exit Brain Left 28 track deluxe version!

Out on the 24th November Preorder here 
Part 1.What and why? 

I made EBL in a different way to any record I’d previously recorded. Rather than spending months of demoing and then entering a studio I took my portable studio, guitar and travelled on and off for a year writing songs / recording sounds in the different environments and then weaving them into the tapestry of the songs.
Part 2. They sound ace! 
I often receive requests for usage of my music and usually its the instrumentals that are needed. Recently I gave them a listen and it shocked me how much the stand up as entities of their own, ¬†stripped of all the words, harmonies and me warbling they evoked a huge feeling in me for the exact moment of creation and so many musical parts that I just don’t come through with the vocals all over the top now shine out loud, its really enlightening to hear how much texture went into these songs.
Part 3. DELUXE
Which brings me on to this! As a right sided bookend to this era of my work and in the midst of making my second record I thought it would be nice to release this expanded version featuring the aforementioned instrumentals as a companion piece.
Part 4. A little extra
I’ve also included a few demos of songs that made the record and a couple that didn’t.
You’ll get Violent Voices instrumental as an instant download as soon as you pre order.
In celebration and bookending the Exit Brain Left era the Vinyl, CD & T-shirts are on sale until Christmas.
CD £5
Vinyl £10
T-Shirt £5

Exit Brain Left Deluxe
28 track expanded digital edition £9.99 

1. Powers of Denial
2. The Jump
3. Steven Battelle
4. A Christmas Cartel
5. Last Night On Earth
6. The Ocean Chorus
7. Police And Thank You
8. Nine Miles Of Light
9. Silent Movie Scream
10. Absent Magic (Part II)
11. Violent Voices
12. I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be

13. Powers of Denial РInstrumental
14. The Jump РInstrumental
15. Steven Battelle РInstrumental
16. A Christmas Cartel РInstrumental
17.  Last Night On Earth- Instrumental
18. The Ocean Chorus РInstrumental
19. Police And Thank You – Instrumental
20. Nine Miles Of Light РInstrumental
21. Silent Movie Scream РInstrumental
22. Absent Magic (Part II) РInstrumental
23. Violent Voices – Instrumental
24. ¬†I’m Still Finding Out Who I’m Going To Be – Instrumental

25. Nine Miles Of Light – Demo
26. 9Nine9 – Demo
27. Utopia For truth – Demo
28. The Jump – Demo