Recording at Chapel Studios

Just had a massively productive and fulfilling week making another EP at Chapel studios. It’s a studio I”ve visited many times and made the odd bit of music but never a full record of my own. It lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. My “work” day would be much like this every day. I’d wake up at 6am and take a walk in the countryside, finalising ideas and polishing lyrics. Then back to the studio for breakfast before embarking on a 10am until 2am day of solid creativity only breaking for the evening meal lovingly created by the amazing owner. I would do a lead vocal every evening no matter the stage the music was at just to ensure that I didn’t end up with four songs to sing in the final days. Once I hit my bedroom Lyrics buzzing around my brain and new counter melodies meant that bedtime was really just a few hours of dozing and writing  but I LOVED every second of it! We’re going directly into mixing now so I’m excited to hear the final finished thing! Oh and for a timeline thing I’ve new music coming BEFORE you hear this music! Brilliant to work again with Dan Weller and our new engineer friend Luke was a brilliant addition!

More to come!


Writing in Berlin (again)

I had another brilliant and inspirational stay in Berlin. Wandered the city that I’ve come to know so well for a few days and demoed my thoughts back in the hotel. NOW what a hotel! Guitars on room service! I had this really nice Gibson sent up to me and kept it for the duration of my stay. I had my “on the move” recording rig with me to document everything.
Alongside Montreux in Switzerland Berlin is my “go to” destination for guaranteed musical inspiration.
Now I’ve a week at home doing my own version of preproduction (which tends to involve more writing)  before I head out to the middle of nowhere in the English countryside to record in a big studio.

Paper Island Discs – BBC Radio One

Another song off my new EP getting its Radio One debut tonight on the always ace Radio One Rock Show with Dan P Carter.

I wrote this song in a snow storm in Copenhagen a few months back, recorded it in a hotel room at Snug recordings before deploying the ninja ears of  Dan Weller for mixing. It features me namchecking 27 bands / artist in the lyrics who made up the playlist I’d just been listening to and Paper Island is where I am in the cover art 🙂

Get the EP here 


Berlin writing, friends and fun :)

Great to see you guys all receiving your copies of the new EP on CD. If streaming is your thing then this link has all you need. 

I’ve been spending some time in Berlin working on new music and catching up with some friends, this video is a pretty good indication of the calibre of night that was had yesterday – enjoy! I Did!

I’ve found that the best friends are those who you may not physically see very often but when you do see them its like a day hasn’t passed.

I’ve just added the lyrics for Life Is Company Me Is A Crowd EP over here  Hope you’ll find some meaning you can relate to within them.

Excited to rehearse and then play 2000 trees festival this Friday! 🙂

Wild West Hero

Spending the past week in the studio making so much different music while enduring the most intense heat ever was a trying time! Musical results were great though!
Between writing and recording I’ve finishing up writing out all the lyrics for the postcard sets that coke with my EP which is out this Friday! Order a limited edition signed CD here 

I was so lucky to see a songwriting hero for the second time in a year, Jeff Lynne from the band ELO –  well he kind of was ELO having written and produced all the songs. Yesterday I saw him at Wembley stadium, so inspiring! I recommend watching the BBC documentary “Mr Blue Sky” and you will fall in love with him and his music.  Next up is a few more days recording in the studio, rehearsal with my live band for 2000 trees festival and a trip to Berlin for some writing and to see my friends in Paramore and then… more music more releases!

Listen to everything thats currently out here over on my Spotify page and are sure to follow it also follow my Battelle FM to hear the music I love right now, updated weekly