Happy 4th Birthday Shapes of Screams

Wow four years since the release of Shapes of Screams, how time is flying!

My recollection of the making of this record are of total chaos combined with laser focus , business chaos, life chaos (not mine) death of loved ones (mine), breakdowns in the vocal booth (due to death of life and of dream) secret depressions, not secret depressions, epic life talks, Les Miserables influenced, doom laden vibes, chocolate while doing lead vocal takes (not advised by anyone) running around London with hard drives full of vocal harmonies, creating a melodic menu, recording a gospel choir, creating the first ever stereo ding dong multi layer multi insanity harmony (breakdong section)  recording an actual judge condemning me, harmonising the T Rex from Jurassic Park with the main Uruk-Hai in the battle of helms deep in the Lord of The Rings The Two Towers (and getting that played on BBC Radio One, surely a first) in D Minor, having a guitar built to play one riff in one song and also a black cat that could transfigure into human form oh and finding myself alone in the studio at points wondering where everyone was and what on earth was going on.
Unfathomable, unfashionable, unwanted and unmistakably LostAlone and unintentionally like nothing else, just the sound I hear in my head.

In the words of Nick Ruskell
“Shapes Of Screams is an album filled with first kiss adrenaline, heart bursting happiness, life affirming air guitar moments and demented genius that will leave you delighted for hearing it”

A month in America

Hey everyone!  Really happy to announce that I’ve finished tracking my second solo record out in New York and will shortly be mixing back in the UK. As always with my music I’ve pushed myself further in search of new avenues to transport my melody from my brain into the world. This record is exactly where I want to be right now. Again I’ve worked with Dan Weller with various engineer / production contributions from Brook Downton in New York and Rich Collins back home.
Cant wait to start rolling out the music for you to hear. I cant stop listening to the rough mixes.

Since finishing up the record in New York I’ve been living in a lake house in Kansas writing and recording songs with some really talented country artists – this is something I’ll be returning to many more times this year and is separate to my solo endeavours.

I’ve just returned home, enjoying a 28 hour trip from Kansas via NYC then to London then home. I’m attempting with all my will power to take a few days off for Easter before it all starts again.

Excited to mix the second record and get it into you ears.

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Kansas or Missouri? Who knows?

Arriving in Kansas by plane and seeing the expanse of yellow dusty fields was exactly as I’d imagined and instantly put me in a totally new mindset for the writing, recording ahead. Been here for four days now and the generosity of spirit and talent is actually quite mind blowing to me. Living in a lake house is the perfect environment for making great music.
I head back to the U.K. next week to mix my second solo record.


New York City

Finished up a frantic and inspirational ten days recording my second record in Shokan just next to Woodstock, a really magical environment for making music and I know the spirit of the place is forever imbued within the songs.
Spent the past five days exploring NYC. I’ve been here before with the band but very briefly and it was a busy time. Its been amazing to really get to know the city these past few days, really enjoyed doing a mixture of super touristy things and some places recommended by good friends. Also and obviously I’ve been hitting the Home Alone and Ghostbusters sights.

Right now I’m in bed at Laguardia airpot (another Home Alone 2 location!) where today I’ll fly out to Kansas to write some country songs 🙂
After that I’ll return to the U.K and get the record mixed and prepped for release! 🙂


Making music in New York

Its day two in this beautiful environment in Shokan, New York where I’m making my second solo record. I’ve recorded a lot of the basic backing tracks already and so right now its all about absorbing the surroundings and allowing this place to permeate the songs.  I’m out here wth Dan Weller who has now been at the helm for my last few records, including the final LA album and my debut solo record.
I highly recommend making a record in a beautiful house on the edge of a forest!


A studio start to the year

December and January are always my most prolific months, just something about the finality coupled with the birth of a year seems to produce a manic wave of writing within me.
These past few weeks have seen the usual acceleration in the amount of songs I’ve written and recorded. On a daily basis I’ve been splitting my brain between three different writing projects and on top of these devoting huge amounts of (mostly night) time to my cherished second solo record. Another month before I headset to New York to put it all together.
Who knows what 2018 holds, the only guarantee I can give is I’ll be making and releasing more music.


Life In The Stocks podcast + Montreux writing + Clear Water Paranoia

I was delighted to sit down with my friend Matt Stocks and do a long-form interview with him for his podcast Life In The Stocks. You can hear our conversation on here  iTunes or acast
We covered many subjects including my first ever real discussion about the end of LostAlone as well as more cheery stuff like my debut solo record and my plans for 2018.

We did the interview just before I flew away to Montreux (as is now my Christmas tradition) where I spent time walking, writing and enjoying the beautiful Christmas market by Lake Geneva while the Alps cast a looming beautiful shadow across the water.

Today I released a record from a long time ago in a a galaxy far far away. Its called Clear Water Paranoia and I wrote it for one of the many bands myself and Mark had before LostAlone. At the time it only came out in Japan and so today finally its available everywhere, streamable and downloadable here now!  

I think you can hear the LostAlone sound forming in these songs and although I really don’t like my voice on this record I do like a lot of the songs, especially the lyrics.







I’ve just made my weekly Battelle FM playlist and its a special “favourite songs of 2017” edition!
Listen here BATTELLE FM