B A T T E L L E #2 The dawning of the fifth age: Fall approaches, new music will be birthed.

Thank you Berlin for another inspiring writing trip. I’ve four weeks home now writing before I head back to the US. Within that time the first song from my new record shall be transmitted into your ears, very excited for you all to hear it. This first thing feels like another leap into an amalgamation of all those conflicting musical moments running around my mind and another step, somewhere I’ve not been before.
Here’s some pictures from recent adventure.

Sleep deprivation song creation

Now that my new record is finished I’ve dedicated myself fully to these three weeks in the US writing county music, resisting writing anything for myself and not listening to my record at all. I’m having a hugely creative time writing for and with some incredible artists.

I’ve been adding a bunch of videos over on my instagram and IGTV (instagram TV) so go and check them out here especially if you like guitars!

I’ve updated my Battelle FM playlist on Spotify with a bunch of songs Im enjoying right now- listen here

Back to the U.K next week then Berlin and before I know it US again

New solo music next though

A plethora of video demos

Ahead of my new record I thought it might be time to engage a little more with my youtube channel.
I’ll be uploading videos of demos and clips I’ve posted over on my instagram TV channel.

I leave for America in a few days for three weeks of songwriting for country artists but fear not things are happing with the first song from the new record on the horizon ­čÖé


Writing in Berlin..Pt 10 Billion_with a twist

Since first going with LostAlone Berlin has been one of my favourite cities to visit and especially to write in.
I wrote a lot of Exit Brain Left and a a few songs from my forthcoming second solo record within the city.
This week I was again in the city but along with my friend Chris, we went to write songs for his band Hightown Parade. It was a great trip and I really enjoyed showing the place I know so well to Chris who’d never been – he’s now a big fan of the city!
We wrote some great songs which he will now work on with his band.
It was also great to see long time supporter of my music Matheo who kindly lent us a guitar. He’s been following since he fist saw LostAlone with Enter Shikari back in 2006 and was at my first solo show in London – thanks for the support!

Back home now for a couple of weeks before flying out to the US for more writing!
All the while release plans for new record are taking shape.



Sat at the airport after a fantastic week writing in Belfast. Filled every day with activities to stimulate the melodies and then all night demoing up the days catch.
Highlights over the past two days were the Titanic museum and the Game Of Thrones tapestry.
Time to return home and get on with the releasing of new music.

Giants, Thrones and songwriting

Spent the yesterday travelling around various locations, dreaming up new music and generally being inspired.
Just spent all night back in my studio set up here in Belfast demoing the songs I’d been imagining during the day.

Giants Causeway BLEW MY MIND! Its an incredible place to visit. I also went to various Game Of Thrones locations which as a fan of the show was so cool to see, The Dark Hedges were really cool and inspiring.

More travel and writing today, hoping to go to the Titanic ┬ámuseum and explain to them that the Titanic never sank, it was its sister ship – The Olympic….. look it up, its fascinating.