Studio, writing, talking, planetarium dust dust everywhere

6.16am 30/10/18
Spent the past few days in the studio with my friend Ray making and talking about music. Its been such a perfect experience and something I know for sure we’re going to do more of.
Yesterday I shunned Uber and decided to walk the 5 mile round trip from my hotel to Griffith Park Observatory. I love that place, not AS keen on the walk up in the intense heat but its worth it!
The views are incredible. I also took in the Centered in the Universe show in the planetarium which was amazing and inspiring.
Heard loads of new melodies just sitting looking of the city and the lyrics were plentiful.

Final day in LA today before I fly to Nashville meet up with Dan Weller UK and Dan Weller US for 19 days of co writing with country artists.

Here’s the soundtrack to my walk. Unfortunately it cant include the new songs Ive been working on but I did listen to
Queen -Queen
Queen Sheer Heart Attack
ELO – Out Of The Blue
Lil Wayne – The Carter V

Imagined lobby awkwardness and the ocean calm

27.9.18 – In the dead silence of the night……again.  Writing about the 26th. 
Yesterday I went for a meeting at Universal music publishing in Santa Monica. The dude at reception was indeed a dude and when he signed me in the familiar vocal harmony layering of my song No Leopards  started playing throughout the lobby. This provoked in me a studied look of every face that walked past and particular note to any head nods or foot taps. I played out a multitude of scenarios in my mind wherein a group of people would walk out and proclaim “this music is awful” and how I’d have reacted if faced with such awkwardness….anyway thankfully that never happened and I was walked to the office of my co meeter to indeed have a meeting.

I then took a writing walk down to the Pacific ocean and gave the pier a quick up and down.
Hovered on the sand for a while writing lyrics. Something about an ocean horizon that really provokes massive levels of contemplation.

5:09am  Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles – Alone. 

I cant sleep so I’ve decided to start documenting the strange existence I now inhabit.
I’ll do this as often as and in often as I can.

Traveling songwriter 
5:09am  Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles – Alone. 

I’ve been on the edge of preparing for this trip for three weeks and I’ve only been home for six weeks. When I say preparing I mean both writing a multitude of songs, really focusing on my lyrics as well as having my suitcase mapped out and planned perfectly.

You see this, this lifestyle I now lead of traveling, writing, being alone and being surrounded is a whole different species of animal to the beast I previously both created, wielded and rode. In my band it was an adventure, a team of both band and crew out on a mission, the objectives of which were clear. Also what I didn’t realise until this past year is that the band was a cloak underneath its various apparatus I felt safe, I don’t feel safe anymore which occasionally I like but many times, like just before traveling to the other side of the world I’m not as keen on.

I’ve become re obsessed with Queen’s 1974 record Sheer Heart Attack and I just had the realisation here listening to Roger Taylor singing Tenement Funster of how when Queen toured that record in 74/75 they couldn’t do what I’m doing now, connecting to the outside world, speaking to people back home and being constantly stimulated by movies, music and news –  keeping the mind occupied.  Maybe thats why they made such amazing music.

Okay this is it for the first post of this kind, I feel a little more tired having focused on the screen. Rather like a Wes Anderson movie these writings may not be linear so abruptly we come crashing to the end and hopefully to me crashing out in bedfitcher (bed)

I also just made a playlist to accompany the words.

Limited hand written lyrics

I’ve really enjoyed reading all your comments about Apple Tree, feels great to have it out in the world.
I’ve just written out the lyrics on some very nice parchment and put them up on the shop here

I’m preparing right now for another month long songwriting trip which will take me to Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, lets hope I can fit everything I need in one case!

Thanks to Kerrang Magazine for including Apple Tree on the hottest new tracks playlist, single two coming soon!


Very excited to unleash the first song from my new record this Sunday evening. Take a good look around the website as everything “Exit Brain Left” will disappear and be replaced by all new era art 🙂

I’ll be going live on Facebook around 10pm Sunday for a communal play through of the new song! See you then.
Here’s a little teaser.

Steven x

Recording guitar with some special help

Here’s Dan Weller holding a picture of myself with Brian May (taken at his guitars 50th Birthday) in my face to inspire a great guitar take during recording of my new record.

This is from a song called Shipwrecked, one of two songs from the record recorded at Chapel studios in the U.K. The rest of the record was made in New York.
New music in just over a week!!

B A T T E L L E #2 The dawning of the fifth age: Fall approaches, new music will be birthed.

Thank you Berlin for another inspiring writing trip. I’ve four weeks home now writing before I head back to the US. Within that time the first song from my new record shall be transmitted into your ears, very excited for you all to hear it. This first thing feels like another leap into an amalgamation of all those conflicting musical moments running around my mind and another step, somewhere I’ve not been before.
Here’s some pictures from recent adventure.

Sleep deprivation song creation

Now that my new record is finished I’ve dedicated myself fully to these three weeks in the US writing county music, resisting writing anything for myself and not listening to my record at all. I’m having a hugely creative time writing for and with some incredible artists.

I’ve been adding a bunch of videos over on my instagram and IGTV (instagram TV) so go and check them out here especially if you like guitars!

I’ve updated my Battelle FM playlist on Spotify with a bunch of songs Im enjoying right now- listen here

Back to the U.K next week then Berlin and before I know it US again

New solo music next though