Studio, writing, talking, planetarium dust dust everywhere

6.16am 30/10/18
Spent the past few days in the studio with my friend Ray making and talking about music. Its been such a perfect experience and something I know for sure we’re going to do more of.
Yesterday I shunned Uber and decided to walk the 5 mile round trip from my hotel to Griffith Park Observatory. I love that place, not AS keen on the walk up in the intense heat but its worth it!
The views are incredible. I also took in the Centered in the Universe show in the planetarium which was amazing and inspiring.
Heard loads of new melodies just sitting looking of the city and the lyrics were plentiful.

Final day in LA today before I fly to Nashville meet up with Dan Weller UK and Dan Weller US for 19 days of co writing with country artists.

Here’s the soundtrack to my walk. Unfortunately it cant include the new songs Ive been working on but I did listen to
Queen -Queen
Queen Sheer Heart Attack
ELO – Out Of The Blue
Lil Wayne – The Carter V